New Release

Matt Carriker's new book asks the spiritually enlivening question: what would the Christian life look like if we embodied the good news as contemplatives in action?


Class Offerings

Matt Carriker offers lessons, classes, and coaching on contemplative practices and meditation.


Meet Matt Carriker

Reverend Matt Carriker is an ordained pastor serving a church start in Waltham, MA called Agape Spiritual Community.  Matt finds joy in leading mindfulness, meditation, and contemplative practice opportunities. He is passionate about transforming Christianity into a spiritual tradition that models the unconditional love of God and the life and teachings of Jesus.


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A Christian Yogi is part of a growing movement of Christians who see Jesus’ spiritual openness as an invitation for us to be expansive, rather than contractive, in our own spiritual journeys.

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Yoga and Christianity are both journeys of continued growth. Take your next step with support of a caring, trained mentor.

Engaging Christian Contemplative Practices

Discover the history and practical foundations of Christian contemplation.

Lessons in Meditation

An overview of best practices in meditation, so that you can customize your own practice.

Meditation Teacher Training

Teaching, like any new practice, takes time, energy, and commitment.