Introduction to Christian Contemplative Practices

We Begin at the Beginning

Building off Descartes’ famous affirmation, “I think, therefore I am,” the Christian faith and our society more generally has for centuries had a dysfunctional relationship to thinking. Our focus has too often been on having knowledge and teaching “the” answers.

But Descartes had it backwards. We are, therefore we think!  Our origin point as humans is in being not thinking.

Thus, a contemplative approach begins from a place of not knowing. To dive into contemplation is to engage in practices that stimulate the whole of who we are – feelings and intellect, soul and energy.

Course Description

During this one-hour session, we will engage our full selves as we examine the theological and philosophical roots of contemplative practice.

While many people associate contemplation only with stillness and silence, as we explore the “Tree of Contemplative Practices” together, we will discover the deep richness of the contemplative tradition.

Course Dates

The next Introduction to Christian Contemplative Practices will take place online on November 17th at 12pm. It is free of charge. For a longer, more practice-oriented experience, please check out Matt’s class, Engaging Christian Contemplative Practices.

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